February 19, 2020 Wednesday, 23:31 Hrs
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SENSEX  41,323.00  428.62 
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Company Name Ratio Record Date Ex Date
Music Broadcast 1:4 13-Mar-20 12-Mar-20
Narmada Agrobase 8:10 26-Feb-20 25-Feb-20
Continental Seed 1:1.50 15-Feb-20 13-Feb-20
Fermenta Biotec. 2:1 14-Feb-20 13-Feb-20
Silly Monks 6:5 12-Feb-20 11-Feb-20
Meera Industries 7:5 08-Feb-20 06-Feb-20
Kenvi Jewels 115:100 30-Jan-20 29-Jan-20
Mitsu Chem 2:1 29-Jan-20 28-Jan-20
Kapston Facilit. 1:6 28-Jan-20 27-Jan-20
SSPN FINANCE 1:1 17-Jan-20 16-Jan-20
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